Myles Sergé
Myles Sergé

Myles Sergé is a DJ, musician and recording artist who has released on a vast swathe of labels including FEROX, Caduceus Records, Knotweed Records, Ilian Tape, Sweatshop, Night Drive Music, Metamorphic, Thema, Pushmaster Disc, and his own imprints (MS), RE(FORM), Space, (MS), and Dosed Recordings. He describes himself as a ‘Reclusive Perfectionist’, whose haunting production sound reflects influences from early Detroit / Chicago electronic music. Myles has a style of his own that blurs the lines between techno and house. With his first introduction to techno back in the late 80’s he continued to nurturer his love for electronic music by DJing and producing. In 2001 he started his first imprint Dosed Recordings, which had a three-year run and featured the works of Mark Verbos, Kikoman, and Peter Sliwinski (Echoplex).

After a brief hiatus from music in 2005 Myles returned along with long time friend Brian Miller aka PHREK aka Detroit People Mover to create 6ONE6, A West Michigan based label that serves as platform for the catalog, release, and promotion of electronic music. 6ONE6 not only released music from both Myles and Brian it was also home to such artist as PLURAL aka James Johnson, Quantec, M. Rahn, Mike Dehnert, and Tommy Vicari Jnr. The label also became a platform for numerous musical projects including 1138 Music Inspired By The Film, Dreams of Home, and the 2011 V/A Flash, which involved the late Aaron Carl. Later that year Myles created his second imprint RE(FORM). RE(FORM) was Myles’s outlet to showcase his own productions; it also featured original productions from Myk Derill, Kazuya Kawakami, Ozka, and Sev Dah.

Myles also brought onboard friends such as Miles Sagnia, Jeroen Search, Abstract Division, Luis Ruiz, and Developer for remixes. Shortly after in 2011 Myles was invited to play Freerotation in Wales, UK which he is a full time resident since 2012. In later years Myles re-launched Dosed Recordings and created two additional imprints, SPACE and (MS). Currently Myles plays across the globe bringing his unique brand of techno to the masses. He has also teamed up with long time friend and mentor Donnell Knox to create SÃ¥ure Music Distribution, which was created to showcase labels and artist who push and expand the boundaries of creativity and innovation in sound.

Soon we will bring you an interview with this amazing DJ and asrtist but till then enjoy in his mix recorded for the UES Podcast series!