Haris Custovic
Haris Custovic

Haris Custovic is a musician, composer, sound designer, music producer and Laus Music label founder that holds an MA in Sound Arts. His creative work is in the field of electro-acoustic music and uses musical instruments together with new digital technologies as a platform, based on discovering new methods of contemporary expression.

Passionate about experimenting with audio as well as video material, using techniques of transformation of natural elements and fusion of organic and synthetic material, he achieves his unique sound by challenging genre classification and moving borders of set musical forms. In his audiovisual work, Haris explores interaction and discovers connection between sound and picture.

In his long career, Haris performed at many prestige stages across the globe, was a guest DJ on several music stations. He has over 100 original releases, remixes and compilation licences. Custovic is also an educator and supports talent development. He is active as a composer, writing music for international media industry.

His recent release ‘All I Need’ (Laus 030, 01.2016.) received great feedback and top support from djs and fans, and he also recently remixed for Bass Works (Japan), Area Sur (Argentina) and Household (USA). New releases are on the way, and he is also working on an album where he combines live instrument and music technology.

His dj set is a fluidly pieced, dynamic combination of pulsating polyrhythms, rolling basses, unusual and melodic and vocal lines. It shows feelings of deepness and drive, lightness and darkness, tension and release – offering one energetic, uplifting and emotive experience.

DJ magazine: ‘…one of the UK’s most talented producers around’
Mixmag – ‘music producer whose sound just makes you move’

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