Fanatix Flux
Fanatix Flux

In short interview with Hux Flux (Dennis Tapper) we found out what’s he preparing for his performance at “Fanatix Flux” party in Željezničar club, this Saturday on 25th February, 2017.

Hux Flux project was formed by Dennis Tapper, a worldwide known psy trance producer. After some excellent releases, including the epic EP “Time Slices”, Dennis started to work with Jonas Petterson (Tranan/Logic Bomb). Together they produced the album “Cryptic Crunch” for the the Koyote Records label.

Later on Dennis moved to Stockholm where he started to work with his old friend Henric Fietz. Their work resulted in tracks like “Idiot” and “Bring your own BIOS”. Soon after Dennis produced timeless bombs like “Reflux”, “Equivalent Equations”, “Lex Rex Perplex”, “Errorhead”.. alongside with his 2nd full lenght album “Division by Zero”, released on the cult Swedish psytrance record label Spiral Trax in 2003.

For the first time in Zagreb, Flux will play 100% retro live set from his best timeless psy-goa production! In short interview, we found out some fine details regarding his future work, as well as what to expect at “Fanatix Flux” party in Zagreb, this Saturday on 25th February in Željezničar club.

UES: Do you feel same professional feeling everywhere you go, or it’s not that simple to know that you will experience some new energy on the floor for the first time?

Dennis: You never know what to expect really, with some few exceptions.

UES: Zagreb is hardly waiting to hear your old music from golden era of psychedelic trance scene on milleniums crossing. Have you prepared some of the best Hux Flux opus or can fanatics also expect some rare unknown tracks/live remixes of your alltimers?

Dennis: Yes, there will be some unreleased, unknow remixes of some classics.

UES: Even these days almost 15 years later – the oldest core members of Croatian psychedelic trance stil remember that day at UWOG festival on Hvar island. Was that gig special to you too as well – are there some memories left?

Dennis: Every party is special, and I do have memories – the alzheimer didn’t hit me yet. It was a nice experience out there on the island with boat and the cool location – good memories..

UES: Everybody knows your production skills and musical originality, so what’s cooking in Hux Flux lab?

Dennis: Lately both me and Jonas (Logic Bomb) have been focused on our new common project LOGIC FLUX, and we have produced tracks enough for an album.

UES: Now one “controversial” qUEStion. What’s your opinion about fanatics “imaginary hope” – is there any possibility that you will make your pure old and twisted psychedelic sound and music, even for a small episode, for sure fueled with your always present, in front of time, ideas?

Dennis: Hah! If you knew! Yes, there will be some old schoolish releases with the above mentioned project. We went through old hard drives to find this material and packaged it with fresh production.

UES: Thanks to Dennis on this interview. We invite all of you on his performance in Željezničar club, on Saturday 25th February, 2017. Beside Flux you will enjoy performance of Morphic Resonance, Toge, Kicma & Mrva and Stevo, as well.

All information about event you can follow on official website. And you can win free ticket here.

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