Dragon Twins is a project led by Mathias Pico from Belgium. About 10 years ago, he came in contact with goa trance and soon he started experimenting with it. Today he plays under Cronomi Records label (If I Wasn’t Humand I’d be A Trance Track, 2013.), but also has releases on UAF’s Goa Overdose 3 compilation, 2013. – “Fire and Earth”, an EP on Neogoa Records Only For The Wicked, 2014. and a track released on Suntrip’s Aurora Sidera, 2015. This saturday, he will perform live in Stara škola (Novi Marof) so we wanted to know him a little more.. 

UES: How did you came up with the name Dragon Twins?
DT: Around the same time I was finding my way in producing goa trance and looking for a name for this project, I found out that I am actually one part of a twin. Sadly my other half didn’t get to see life on this earth before it was born. It kind of felt like finding a piece of a missing puzzle though, and I decided to use the name ‘Dragon Twins’, in reference to the year I was born, that of the Dragon, and to remind myself to try and create music that would have the fire and energy of not just one but two people combined. That’s why ‘twins’ is plural: it’s more a name for the project that is this music, instead of just an alias for me personally.

UES: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?
DT: Hmmm, hard to tell… Nocturnal trance music for your inner caveman, perhaps!


UES: Any thoughts about current state of newschool goa scene?
DT: It’s active, but honestly I don’t follow it as I used to. There are a couple of names and labels that I follow, in the forest trance scene as well. There are a handful interesting releases every year, but I feel that not much people are looking for new boundaries. It’s a genre that has a lot of potential regarding going different directions, which when it reigned the couple of years in the nineties has shown. It needs more experiments right now I think, so I’m curious what the future will bring.

UES: How does your live look like?
DT: You mean live sets right? Well, what I do when bringing gear to a gig is not an issue is this: a mixer (with at least 10 tracks), my 5 unit rack with all kinds of effects in it, and about 3 to 4 synthesizers. Depending which one, I can have up to 6 synthesizer tracks and 4 audio tracks from my DAW going to the mixer, and mix everything on the fly. I don’t do much sequencing myself, I rather tweak all the tracks with effects on the mixer, and modulate every synthesizer that is running. Fun! That’s only when I do live sets in Belgium though, going abroad with all that gear is a whole different story. In the future I’d like to sequence without a laptop, because I don’t like looking at a screen all the time, but we’ll see!

((oops)) maybe I misunderstood, the question was how my everyday life looks like? (smile) I’m a freelance sound recordist, mainly for TV and fiction. The free time I have I spend on bouldering (a climbing discipline), reading books about time and the universe and trying to wrap my head around all those theories, analog photography and synthesizers of course.

UES: Which gear are you bringing for this party?
DT: Well probably a Minibrute SE, a xoxbox and a Dreadbox Erebus. 3 great instruments that stand on their own.

UES: Where did you enjoy playing at most?
DT: That’s a though one! I remember the first time I went to play in Israel, I was arriving at the party near the desert around sunrise, and hundreds of people were already dancing… Very cool! When I play live in Belgium I can bring a lot of my gear with me though, and that’s where the real fun starts. It takes more effort and can be a bit nerve-wrecking, but the reward is so much bigger. One of the most fun times I had was actually on a small private party with only 50 people, but the connection I had with the crowd was truly great. It’s not only where you are or with how many, there are a lot of other things that, when added up, makes some moments unforgettable.

UES: When can we expect album or new releases?
DT: Yeah, an album… Something in my head for a long time, but that hasn’t had the chance to complete yet. I’m a freelancer and I don’t have a 9 to 5 agenda, which affects my time making music. So I’ve learned to stop setting this deadline. But the end of 2018 would be nice! Plans are coming together, the path in which way I want the music to go is showing, so we’ll get there. The sure thing is that it will be on Cronomi Records, and that it must be something different, a concept as a whole. Not just 9 four-to-the-floor dance tracks after each other. This December there’s a new track out released on Dimensional Gateway V, of Croation label Neogoa Records, so be sure to check that out! One of the most interesting labels around, I hope I can be part of it a lot more in the future.

UES: Anything else you would like to tell us?
DT: Yeah I have some new music for the album which I will test on the Croatian dancefloor 23rd of December, so be sure to come out and have a blast! Croatia is one of the big countries regarding the newschool scene, so I look forward meeting the people! Thanks for your questions, hope you can do something with my answers. 

UES: Sure we did. Thank you for the interview and see you on the dance floor! For all of you reading and wondering where is your next stop, we recommend 2nd anniversary of Goawakening