DJ Boring and Frits Wentink

After recent outings from the likes of Felix Leifur and Tlim Shug, Frits Wentink is back on his own Bobby Donny label.

His previous releases have been solo affairs but this time he is in collaboration with Tristan Hallis aka DJ Boring. The origins of London based DJ & producer lie in Australia, where he was raised and cultured amongst some of the most interesting musical phenomena of the 21st century.

A1 is an inventive tune with bristling drums and break beats run through with warped vocals, razor sharp hi hats and mellow pads. It’s deep but dynamic and will get you on your toes. B1 then chops up more trippy vocal samples and curious synth sounds with elastic, pinging kick drums and makes for something woozy yet groovy and full of intrigue. Last but not least, B2 channels classic deep house vibes with balmy pads, garage style percussion and more slick drum work that really brings something fresh. This is a trio of cuts that bring the best out of each producer and results in truly original music.

DJ Boring and Frits Wentink – Wasted Years Of Pumping Iron
Label: Bobby Donny
Release Date: May 18th

Track List:
A1. Oli Coony
B1. Derek Antony
B2. Chad Brothers