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X-Coast intervju za uesmag

X-Coast: traveling and exchanging experiences with different people is what inspire me the most

UES: We hear that the European tour is making good progress, can you remember some interesting moments on the road? X-Coast: Yeah, the EU tour is pretty fun (and long). 26 dates in two months, constant...
Tony Lionni

TONY LIONNI: Music has always been a serious thing in my life

Across London, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Tokyo and many other major cities on Zagreb's Sljeme finally comes Tony Lionni, producer and DJ from Liverpool with releases on labels such as Ostgut Ton, Freerange and Mulemusiq....

EXCLUSIVE Cristian Varela: The BPM festival is full of magic vibes

UES: Is this your first appearance on The BPM festival?Cristian Varela: Yes, this is first official The BPM festival. Last 2 years I was here as a visitor, but I never played on festival, just on...

Marko Lük: Being in a frame doesn’t allow you to experience feelings that techno...

Before his appearance at Interval second edition party on 30th of January 2016., we had a chat with Marko Lük and found out how he experiences techno and music scene and much more. Besides...