UES: Is this your first appearance on The BPM festival?

Cristian Varela: Yes, this is first official The BPM festival. Last 2 years I was here as a visitor, but I never played on festival, just on few private parties.

UES: Do you like The BPM festival and is this concept of festivals which you prefer?

Cristian Varela: Personally, I prefer more festivals as Time Warp and Awakenings, where you can hear a real underground sound. The concept of The BPM festival is completely different.  Is not just about the sound, is about the special location, and there is a many of reason why that place reminds me on Ibiza. Parties are held in huge clubs, which are located at the beach or very close to beach or the ocean. The nature which surrounds the festival is incomparable with any other  festival. To compare with other outdoor festivals, I have to accentuate The BPM festival is full of magic vibes.  There can be feel the spirit of ancient civilizations like the Maya and Aztecs. I’m glad to see the historical heritage nurtured by the organizers.

The other important characteristic is festival takes 10 days. That fact gives me as dj who  have gig to be done, a lots of free space to hear  the other DJ, connect with other DJs, producers and promoters.


UES: How would you describe your perform on BPM? Did you adapted your mix to the public or you played  in your own instinct?

Cristian Varela: I did both. I performed in “Insane Pacha” showcase with Timo Maas and Dennis Ferrera. Promoters from Pacha knows me as a techno DJ, but they knows my style can be turned in Ibiza tech-house.  I took about 5 min to scan dancers on the floor, and then all I surrendered instinct.

UES: What has been the highlighs in last year?

Cristian Varela: That’s definetely my new album Max&Max published on Carl Cox’s label Intec Digital and my new audiovisual live project VARELALIVE.  Also, this summer on Ibiza it was quiet different then ususal. At the first time I didn’t work as a promoter then only as a DJ, and I have had 13 gigs durring last summer on Ibiza. Something what is very imortant to myself as a my profesion is return in Germany’s clubs.  I didn’t play ther for 5 years, except few biger festivals, therefore I’m happy to come back in clubs like New Basement in Frankfurt and Weekend in Berlin.

UES: Could you please tell us something more about VARELALIVE and about how project was created?

Cristian Varela: Basically that was Carl Cox’s idea. He is been realize  I’m not just a DJ, I’m musician and I know play many of instruments, what is a big advantage compared to other DJs.  I liked the idea and immediately I started exploring live performs  other DJs, how I would see what is going on in live production in the world. Right away I realized the thing what is missing is experience of watch a real live perform. That thing I want to include in VARELALIVE. Keyboards, synths, drum machines, and of course improvisation. Everything happens, even mistakes, but all what I want is real live experience.  VARELALIVE is not just about sound, is about visuals effect in which I want to include new technology as invisible touch screens for steering visuals effects, and 3th element of performance is synchronization. Everything has to be perfectly synchronised and visible to crowd.

UES: It’s been 15 years since founded your label Pornografic Recordings. How you feel about it?

Cristian Varela: I feel older (laugh).  The things were turbulent for discography at the time when label was founded.  That was time of switchover analog to digital, and many labels have been shut down. The first few years I tried to adjust  the label to digital. After we had adapt to the new market the label has experienced boom and became an established in electronic music world, what I was especially proud.  I sympathise with appetite many of producers who wants produce for Pornogaphic Recording, what makes me very happy and proud.  This anniversary we celebrated on proper way by releasing limited edition vinyl box with Carl Cox’s, Marco Bailey’s, Stefan Noferini’s and many others releases. The market is far differently comparing it 10 years ago. Nowadays the number of issue vinyls  is around 300 per single issue, but 10 years ago was over  6000. On the other side sales of digital issues is increased and that it makes me satisfied.


UES: You mentioned release on vinyl and a certain revival of vinyl. What is your opinion about it?

Cristian Varela: The good thing is more and more DJs discovering and insights difference between vinyl and digital. I come from a generation of DJ-s who started playing music on vinyls which also gave us the opportunity to play the music in many different ways including time-coded vinyls, usb, controllers and CDs. That’s why I see today’s trend of vinyl playing as extremely positive and hope it will stick around for longer.

UES: You played a couple of times in Croatia so fare. How would you describe your last appaerance in Boogaloo club, and what is your opinion about Croatian crowd?

Cristian Varela: I have to say Croatian crowd is much different compare to other countries where people are much colder and more confined at the dance floor.  Croatian people dancing as a crazy (laugh). I could compare it to Spanish and South America crowd. They are carefully listeners  and some special energy comes out of them, and dance floor is explosion of good vibes. I remember the people from Boogaloo club as a something special, and place where I don’t want stop play, never.  Last time people are came down with songs requests , nobody likes that, but I was just impressed with selection, because they  were all new and absolutely amazing tracks.

UES: What we can expect next?

Cristian Varela: I have one more project VARELA PROJECT which is based on live perform and focused on ambiental and experimental music.The project will be announced this or next year. Also I work for movie, TV and fashion industry and at the moment I’m focused on production. But basiclly you can expect more music, shows and projects.

Cristian Varela – The BPM Festival 2016

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