Balkan Goa Fanatics
Balkan Goa Fanatics | Artwork by Richpa

Balkan Goa Fanatics Festival is moving its Third edition on the Mali Lošinj Island, from 4th ’till 9th July, 2017. with over than 50 artists! 

Balkan Goa Fanatics Festival has found its ideal goa madness oasis for 2017. on  Mali Lošinj Island, in Liska Slatina bay (near a little place called Ćunski). Festival will last from  4th ’till 9th of July. In six days, more than 50 artists will burn the place down in a non-stop goa sound waves, on 2 floors.

A massive line-up is consisted of live performances by: Aerosis (Suntrip, USA), Arcane Voice (Goa Madness, SRB), Artifact 303 (Suntrip, ROM), Cactus Arising (Timewarp, GRE), Celestial Intelligence (Suntrip, MK), CoaGoa (Timewarp, BIH), Cosmic Dimension (Suntrip, MK), Dimension 5 (Suntrip, UK), E-Mantra (Suntrip, ROM), Ephedra (Goa Madness, BEL), Ezoterica (BGF, CRO), Fiery Dawn (Timewarp, GEO), IMBA (Suntrip, Neogoa, SRB), Jaraluca (Neogoa, Goa Madness, Timewarp, POL), Journey Into Sound (Neogoa, Timewarp, HUN), Judaika (Echo-Booking, ISR), Merr0w (Suntrip, FRA), Mindfield (Phantasm, UK), Kris & Stevo drums & synth jamm, Kurandini (Cronomi Rec, POR), Lunar Asylum (Phantasm, UK), Lunar Dawn (Neogoa, CRO), Mania (BGF, CRO), Moonlight (604-bookings, ISR), Morphic Resonance (Suntrip, SPA), Nebula Meltdown (Suntrip, FIN), Nervasystem (Phantasm, UK), Omneon (Timewarp, EST), Omnivox (Spacedock, Goa Madness, CRO), OXI (Timewarp, SRB), Power Source (Echo-Bookings, ISR), Proxeeus (Neogoa, Goa Madness, FRA), Psysutra (Neogoa, Cronomi, POL), Shakta (Suntrip, UK), Siam (Timewarp, GRE), Sky Technology (Neogoa, Timewarp, UKR), Skarma (Suntrip, HUN), Sun Sith (Neogoa, CRO), Stevo (BGF, CRO), Syb Unity Nettwerk (Sirius, Transient, Flying Rhino, FRA/UK/SLO), Triquetra (Neogoa, Timewarp, BEL), Veasna (Neogoa, GER), Zopmanika (Neogoa, Timewarp, MK), Ultimate Xperience (Neogoa, FRA/SLO/UK), U.X. (Dragonfly, FRA/SLO/UK)!

DJ setove will spin: Adept (Global Sect, RUS), Anneszia (Forestdelic, RUS), Anoebis (Suntrip, BEL), Askari (Dacru, BEL/SWI), Damzah (Forestdelic, BIH), DaPEACE (Suntrip, SRB), Desert Phoenix (Suntrip, ISR), Dionysos (BGF, BEL), Dreake (DAT, ITA), Lord Flames & Malory Flames (Suntrip/Goa Madness, SPA), John Phantasm (Phantasm, UK), Hase (Transylvaliens, ROM), Jooloos (Mandala, ISR), Itstroobalica (SUNTRIP, ISR), KOS (Inner Sunrise, BIH), Kris Kylven (Dragonfly/Neogoa, FRA/UK/SLO), Kuririn (Goa Madness, BEL), Lurfilur (Suntip/Timewarp, SWE), Masala (Neogoa/Goamadness, JAP), Pavane (Suntrip, BEL), Planet 604 (604 BOOKINGS/BGF, ISR), Schlafwandler (Suntrip, SWI), Sunborn (DAT, GRE), Tobias Bassline (Suntrip, GER), Toge (Orion, HUN/AUT), te domaće snage: Acidofil, Allan, Dalton, Kičma vs Mrva, Nova Fractal, Pagoan, Stevo i Twisted Twins! 

Saso Mange Soundsystem will provide the main floor with 40KW sound, while small floor is intended to be used as chill and warm up floor. Summer idyl will be completed with sun, the refreshment in the sea as well as with decorations by Lunar Deco i Global Sect Deco. Camping space will be available, as well as food and beverage.

For information and buying tickets for the festival, you can contact the following mail:  [email protected] All other informations you can found out here.

We are giving away 2×1 full ticket to the festival! For participation in the game you need to: like UES Magazine Facebook page, like and share this article on your facebook or twitter profile using hashtag #UESMAG and here in comment below the article leave Your name and surname, and write the most creative answer to the question:  “Why do You have to win a ticket to the festival?” Lucky winner will be chosen on 26th June (Monday).